Celebrating over 40 years of fun!

For decades, two small companies have been independently making and selling high-quality board games, card games, and puzzles that families have treasured for years. While each company has been developing on their own, Talicor and Aristoplay both share the same philosophy. Games should provide rich experiences beyond the first play. Now, the two like-minded companies have merged to become not only bigger but better!

What does this mean for you? First, with just one website, or one call to (800) 433-GAME, you can order from the complete line of both companies. All of the same great products are still available to you, along with the introduction of new ones. We think change is good but what won’t change is the essence of each line of products.

For 25 years Aristoplay has developed games that teach while you having fun. BUZZ OFF! for example, is a pre-school level game that teaches color-matching with a twist. Math Animals couples cartoon animal-shaped numbers with addition, subtraction and multiplication learning. Another unique trademark of Aristoplay games is they are content rich and have multiple levels of play. Allowing an entire family to enjoy playing together at a level suitable for them. This thoughtful and tested approach is why Aristoplay games are continually welcomed into the home and classroom.

But learning through play doesn’t have to be just for kids. For over 45 years, Talicor has offered a wide variety of board and card games designed to create a wonderful family get-together. The Ungame encourages sharing feelings, understanding, self-discovery, listening skills and more, all in one! FraperDeck, a unique card game, designed to teach children multiplication skills, relationships between fractions, decimals, and percents by incorporating familiar card play from the classic Crazy Eight’s.

We invite you to look through our bigger than ever selection of great board games, card games, and puzzles. So Play Games, Have Fun, Learn Things!